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Whitehouse Teeth Whitening UK

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Welcome to the White House, the leading specialists when it comes to the Teeth Whitening in the UK.

 You can check out our website here at this link http://whitehouseteethwhitening.co.uk/.

 We have teeth whitening clinics across the UK from Belfast, Manchester, Exeter, and Edinburgh.

We plan to expand to further areas across the UK. There is no safer and easier way to boost your

appearance and confidence of a whitening treatment. Our treatments take 30-40 minutes and they are pain-free, easy, and our teeth whitening treatment should last about 1-2 years. Our treatments can remove stains from the outside of the teeth, and stains built up deep within the teeth.The whitening gels are formulated to strengthen the teeth and kill 95% of any harmful bacteria that may be present in the gums and teeth. The technology we use in the clinic is the most powerful one providing superior results 7-8 shades whiter teeth, with an average improvement of 8 shades. Teeth that may be stained by tea, coffee, smoking, it offers very effective results. Our teeth whitening specialists are highly qualified and will only do an exceptional job for each and every client in the clinic. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Whitehouse Teeth Whitening UK

400B Third Avenue, Trafford Park,

M17 1JE


T 0161 8480083


Whitehouse Teeth


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